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The Legal Aid Service, or Legal Clinic, is an initiative that is part of the project APROFORT: “Support, Protection and Strengthening of Activists and Civil Society Organizations in their work to promote Human Rights” in Equatorial Guinea.

APROFORT is a project co-financed by the European Union and coordinated by Transparência e Integridade – Transparency International Portugal, based in Lisbon.

The Legal Aid Service offers means of reporting and legal defence in order to protect activists and civil society organisations and, in particular, two vulnerable groups: women and girls and members of LGTBQI + groups whose basic rights may be threatened.

It is important to emphasise and insist that the clinic can only attend cases that meet the established profile. Victims are also reminded that, unfortunately, and due to the way the justice administration and public institutions work, the clinic cannot guarantee the outcome of the complaints that we help to process.

  • Human Rights activists;
  • Civil Society Organisations;
  • Women and girls in vulnerable situations; and
  • LGTBQI+ communities whose individual rights are not respected due to their condition and in a vulnerable situation.

Exceptionally, other cases, such as whistleblowers, will be accepted.

It must be cases of violation of basic rights by public institutions, which excludes private disputes.

  • Assessement and orientation: evaluation of cases received and orientation within 72 hours
  • Legal and administrative assistance: legal assistance before the courts, such as legal defence, habeas corpus, etc.
  • Public complaints: assistance in preparing briefs before the administration and or the public prosecutor
  • Follow up of cases: follow-up of cases before the administration, the public prosecutor’s office and denunciation before international organisations, particularly within the United Nations
  • Complaint to international organisations: optional public complaint in national media and/or to specialized organisations and international NGOs

Online Complaints

APROFORT makes available a secure online reporting mechanism available to citizens in Equatorial Guinea. To guarantee the security of the mechanism, it is important to follow the instructions about the recommended browser and complete the form.

This is particularly intended to address cases of violations of the rights of the recipients of APROFORT: activists, women and girls and members of LGBTQI+ groups whose basic rights may be threatened.

The Legal Clinic will need to contact the complainants if they want to proceed with the complaint at the judicial or administrative level. Cases of victims who are not in the country cannot be processed.

Where are we?

Calle del Botuku Lubá s/n
Malabo, Bioko Norte
Guiné Equatorial